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VIP Medial Micro-Needling Facial

Microfine needling devices allow a safe and precise delivery of specific ingredients to all areas of the face, neck and decolletage.

Aquagold, Turtlepin 111, Crystal Tips, to name a few, allow bioactive ingredients tailored to your specific skin needs to be provided gently and quickly, while stimulating natural collagen production. The cocktail, which can include anti-wrinkle, hyaluronic acid, serum skin boosters, vitamins, peptides, PRP and antioxidants, is delivered quickly to the dermal layer of the skin.

Patients with facial sweating, large pore and uneven skin tone have found this treatment helpful.

The results are a smoother brighter looking skin. Improvement in pore size. Evens the skin tone which helps make-up sit perfectly. Think wedding day!

How is the treatment performed?

  • Firstly, your skin is cleansed and numbing cream is applied if needed

  • The cocktail of serums is prepared

  • The micro-needling device is gently tapped onto the skin and the cocktail is delivered via micro needles which are thinner than a human hair

  • The treatment ends with Natural RX Post Procedure Mask, a soothing and brightening mask to complete this anti-ageing skin smoothing treatment


How long does the treatment take?

  • Usually around 45-60 mins


Does it hurt?

  • Normally only a very mild discomfort - we can apply topical numbing cream

  • The post procedural mask provides immediate skin soothing and hydration


Potential side effects

  • Slight redness which can lasts a few hours

  • Infection

  • Bruising


Recovery & Post care

  • Normally you can go straight back to work

  • Avoid apply make up for 24 hours

  • Avoid products that contain alcohol, exfoliants and retinol

  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat for at least 72 hours

  • Avoid exercising for at least 24 hours

  • Cleanse your face with a simple cleanser, moisturise and always apply 30+ sunscreen

  • Avoid putting too many products on your skin for 72 hours

How many treatments do I need?

  • The results are visible within 24 hours and last around 8 – 12 weeks

  • When ever you have a special event or just feeling like improving the luminosity of your skin


What do I need to do to prepare for VIP Medical Micro-Needling treatments?

  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol for 24 hours prior

  • No anti-inflammatories – only Panadol if required

  • Drink loads of water on the day of the treatment

  • NO foundation on the day of the treatment - only wear sunscreen


Treatment areas

  • Face

  • Under eye

  • Neck

  • Décolleté,


Treatment Costs

  • From $500

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