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Bio-Remodelling Injectable Hyaluronic Acid

This is a new category of hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable treatments. It represents a different approach to the use of hyaluronic acid. Composed of a highly pure hyaluronic acid, this is not a volumizing dermal filler and it is not a skin booster. It is one of the highest concentrations of HA available.

This is a multi-level skin tissue remodelling product which treats the source of ageing. Its advanced technology stimulates fibroblast cells, actives keratinocytes and preserves and encourages the viability of adipocytes that affect the quality of adipose tissue. (The lack of adipose tissue has a direct role in the development of ageing symptoms such as wrinkles). It hydrates and remodels ageing skin.

Bio-remodelling hyaluronic acid (HA) works by stimulating 4 variants of collagen and elastin which results in significant skin tissue improvement. The effects are tightening and lifting of the skin. This HA flows easily like liquid honey and distributes itself within the skin resulting in a more natural gradual healthier remodelling for skin laxity. Results are visible approximately 4 weeks after the second treatment. Your skin will appear tighter, more youthful and hydrated.

This treatment is suitable for all ages for both men and women, but the ideal patient is over 30 with some visible signs of ageing.

How is the treatment performed?

  • Firstly, your skin is cleansed

  • Five bio-aesthetic points (BAP) are marked out which have been designed for maximum distribution of the HA

  • Using a special technique to maximize treatment comfort, the bio-remodelling HA is injected close to the surface of the skin


How long does the treatment take?

  • Usually around 15-30 mins


Does it hurt?

  • There may be a mild discomfort associated with the injection

  • Overall, there is minimal downtime, and minimal or no pain


Potential side effects

  • Bio remodelling treatment has a relatively low complication rate

  • Erythema, oedema, and haematomas are rare

  • Some patients may experience a raised area where the bio remodelling HA has been inserted. On average, these take around 2 to 24 hours to resolve

  • There may be some tenderness associated with injections


Recovery & Post care

  • Apply cool compress to the area if necessary

  • Don’t massage any lumps. These will diffuse after the injection ususally within 24 hours

  • Avoid make up for 12 hours

  • Cleanse the treated area with a simple cleanser, moisturise and always apply 30+ sunscreen

  • Avoid strenuous exercise, heat related activities, and hot showers for 24 hours.


How many treatments do I need?

  • For the greatest efficiency and benefit, the initial treatment regime is a two-session treatment. The second treatment is 4 weeks after the first

  • However, if the skin is severely aged or sun damaged, another session can be performed two months after the second session

  • For optimal benefits, a six-monthly treatment cycle should be performed

  • The results are gradual becoming more visible after 4 weeks

  • This treatment can be integrated with anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers for an exceptional outcome


What do I need to do to prepare for Bio-Remodelling treatments?

  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol 24 hours prior

  • No anti-inflammatories – only Panadol if required

  • NO foundation or make-up on the day of the treatment - only wear sunscreen


Treatment areas

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Decolletage

  • Hands

  • Other areas can be discussed during your consultation


Treatment Costs

  • Initial treatment (4 mL) - $1700

  • 6 monthly maintenance (2 mL) - $850

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