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platelet rich plasma

  • 1 h
  • starting from $400
  • The Little Health House

Service Description

platelet-rich plasma is an autologous solution, meaning it uses your blood to heal your skin. your blood is drawn from your vein into a tube, spun down in a centrifuge. the resulting plasma is drawn off and injected into your skin. the more hydrated you are, the more plasma is collected. prp contains over 800 bioactive molecules, including growth factors, which stimulate tissue remodelling and enhance healing with tissue regeneration. suitable targeted areas are sun-damaged / pigmented skin on the face, hands, neck and decolletage. improvements in skin elasticity, texture, hydration and pigmentation can be seen between 1-3 months post-treatment. normally 3 treatments are recommended, 1 month apart. always come to these appointments without makeup and well-hydrated – drink plenty of water an application of SPF 30+ will be applied to the treatment area prior to your departure

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